6B03103 «Political Science and political management»

Students study political theory, political history not only of their country, but also of foreign countries, as well as get acquainted with the history and theory of political science and international relations. Students-political scientists are trained in the offices of akims and maslikhats of cities and districts of Karaganda region of the Russian Federation, Management and internal policy departments of Karaganda region, Regional branches of political parties of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Nur Otan, knpc, DPK AK Zhol, public organizations.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Political management

  • Theoretical foundations of political governance
  • Structure and functions of the political system of society as a sphere of functioning of political management
  • Subjects and objects of political managements
  • Political governance mechanism, role and place of political decision
  • Models and types of state policy
  • The main stages of formation and development of Kazakhstan's statehood
  • The basics and essence of a lobbyist activities.
  • Political communication management

  • Theoretical concepts and models of political communication as a necessary component of interaction policy actors among themselves and social environment
  • Power functions, preservation, strengthening or modification existing power-management relations in society.
  • Knowledge of practical application and use of methods of political communication processes in professional activities.
  • Basis of the electoral process campaigns.
  • Political PR.

  • Study of specialized activities of policy actors
  • Dissemination of beneficial information and misinformation among the population for the formation of a certain political opinion and management decision-making
  • Political component of the electoral process in the context of public relations
  • Understanding of the essence and methods of forming and maintaining the image of a politician and the impact on all citizens of the state in order to support the policy pursued by the authorities
  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of PR campaigns and the use of the results in the management system
  • Political leadership

  • Political leadership as an object researches
  • Typology of leadership
  • Styles of political decision-making leaders'
  • Resources of political leaders
  • Image of a political leader multi-parties.
  • Single-party systems.
  • Party systems in Western-European country.
  • Party system of the United States.
  • Party system of the Russian Federation Confederations.
  • General characteristics of modern Kazakhstan's multi-party system.
  • Needs, political motives leaders and their followers

  • Whom You can work?

  • consultant in a consulting Agency,
  • specialist in corporate policy and PR of the organization;
  • specialist bodies of the state local Executive and representative authorities (apparta akims and maslikhats, departments and departments of internal policy.);
  • political Manager in a political party and public Association

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