6B01801 "Social pedagogy and self-knowledge"

Social pedagogy and self-knowledge is a new specialty in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Graduates of this specialty work with socially vulnerable children, help them in successful socialization to develop and shape moral and spiritual values. Now special organizations are being opened to provide socio-pedagogical and psychological assistance to children with various disabilities — these are children's development and correctional centers, rehabilitation centers, social-pedagogical and counseling centers, etc. This profession is in demand and relevant.

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Key disciplines which you will study:


  • The peculiarities of the social formation of the personality and the causes of social deviations, the possibility of their prevention and overcoming;
  • The essence and content of organizational and pedagogical activities for the protection of the interests of children, adolescents and young people on the basis of humanistic principles;
  • Innovative forms and methods of involving the parental community in the correctional and pedagogical process

  • Axiological foundations of teaching the subject "Self-knowledge";
  • Methods of teaching the discipline "Self-knowledge";
  • The theory and practice of integrating human values in a holistic pedagogical process

  • The essence and content of social and educational activities;
  • The peculiarity of social and educational work with the individual, group, community;
  • The theoretical foundations of various socio-pedagogical technologies in working with the family, at school, in society;
  • The general and specific functions of a social educator;
  • Modeling social and educational activities, depending on the specialization of the social teacher

  • Scientific and theoretical foundations of the program of moral and spiritual education "Self-knowledge";
  • Axiological foundations of the program of moral and spiritual education "Self-knowledge" as the leading idea of self-knowledge and self-improvement;
  • The theory and practice of integrating the ideas of the Program of moral and spiritual education “Self-knowledge” into a holistic pedagogical process.

  • Who can you work?

    Graduates of the specialty can work in the education system as a social teacher, a teacher of self-knowledge, a specialist in the protection of the rights of the child, a specialist in social support agencies for the unemployed and low-income people; a specialist in preschool educational organizations, orphanages, boarding schools, specialized educational institutions.

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