6B03101 "Sociology and social policy"

Sociology and social policy is the preparation of a competitive, qualified specialist who is capable of critical thinking, has fundamental knowledge, innovative approaches and research skills to carry out scientific, educational, professional and practical activities in the social, economic, political and cultural spheres of society. A graduate in the specialty 6B03101 - Sociology is prepared to perform the following professional duties:
- organize the preparation of a program of sociological research, conducting and analyzing a sociological research;
- prepare projects for sociological research;
- assist in the development of practical recommendations for solving urgent problems of society;
- advise the assessment of the social activities of various social groups;
- to diagnose the dynamics of the development of various social processes;
- to carry out project-forecast expertise in the practice of social work;
- monitor and ensure the accuracy and objectivity of data obtained during a sociological survey;
- prepare and use sociological tools for diagnosing various types of social reality

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Social politics:

  • within the framework of this course, a “social style of thinking” will be formed, that is, the ability to foresee the social consequences of economic and political decisions taken.
  • both theoretical and applied bases of the formation and implementation of social policy will be studied; history of social policy; social protection of the population; government policy in the labor market; social policy financing
  • PR (Public relation)

  • in the framework of this course, the processes of branding, rebranding, imaging, which are associated with the need to create an attractive image of a management person, structure, society or the state, are considered.
  • аll this requires careful study and creation of a system for training specialists who are familiar with the basics of the theory of social and political influence in the field of public relations.
  • Social trends of globalization

  • in the process of studying this course, the latest stage of human civilization is analyzed: globalization. The connection between the computer revolution, information technology and deep changes in the social structure, culture of society and the individual behavior model is shown.
  • The theoretical concepts of O. Toffler, J. Masuda, D. Bell, P. Drucker, E. Giddens, and others are studied.
  • The prerequisites of the information society are investigated, the main criteria of a society based on knowledge are determined, the process of generating a computer revolution and its social and cultural prerequisites are described. The first and second computer revolutions are analyzed
  • Sociology of youth

  • In this course, students study such a socio-demographic group of society as youth, which has features of socialization, lifestyle features, subcultural goals and value orientations, and which is most intensively focused on professional, social, educational mobility.
  • The transformation of the identity of modern man:

  • this course examines the process of forming different levels of identities (gender, religious, ethnic, national).
  • It examines the changes of modern man and the difficulties that he faces in connection with processes such as modernization, globalization, religious renaissance, neo-traditionalism, etc.
  • Sociology of deviant behavior:

  • within the framework of this course, students are invited to consider modern society, in which, to the greatest regret, there is no situation where all its members would behave in accordance with general regulatory requirements.
  • In the course, both positive and negative forms of deviation, both personal and group, are studied. Particular attention is paid to the new forms of deviation: white-collar crimes, vandalism, hacking, depression, workaholism, addiction, anorexia, etc.

  • Whom You can work?

    The bachelor of social knowledge in the specialty "6B03101 - Sociology" is prepared for work on such objects as:

  • In the research sociological centers - a practical sociologist;
  • in the structures of the public service - a sociologist-analyst;
  • in secondary special educational institutions - a teacher of social and social disciplines;
  • in research centers, in divisions of the Academy of Sciences - a sociologist-researcher;
  • in the department of labor and social protection - an analyst;
  • in the social departments of akimats - a specialist, leader;
  • in educational organizations - a sociologist;
  • in commercial firms - a sociologist-consultant;
  • in production, private and consulting campaigns - by the marketing specialist;
  • manager of the production organization;
  • in the departments of demography and migration - by the demographer;
  • In socially-oriented non-governmental organizations - a social worker;
  • in the departments of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection - a social worker in akimats;
  • The head of the sociological service;
  • in election campaigns and centers of election technology;
  • in the field of Public Relations, image and consulting agencies

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