«Physical culture and sport»

Physical culture and sport is one of the socially demanded, interesting and well-paid fields of activity. If you like physical culture and sports, you want to devote your life to this activity, to become a professional in the field of physical culture and sports - welcome to the educational program on the specialty “Physical culture and sports”. You will receive skills in teaching physical education in educational institutions, for working as a coach in your chosen sport, as an instructor in fitness, performing administrative work in state-management structures in physical culture as a methodologist, instructor in FC. You will have ample opportunities to master and improve your sports and pedagogical skills.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Theoretical and methodological foundations of physical culture

  • Introduction to the subject. Model of university new market type.
  • Innovative projects in the education system.
  • Innovation and reform in modern education.
  • Physical culture in the structure of vocational education.
  • Physical culture and sports at university. The purpose and objectives of Physical culture and sport at university. Forms of organization of physical education of students.
  • Characteristics of the program on the subject "Physical Education" at the university. The distribution of credit - hours by type of education.
  • Formation of knowledge, skills and abilities of students in Physical culture and sport to maintain optimal performance, relieve fatigue, and recovery.
  • Scientific and methodical research in the field of physical culture and sports

  • Fundamentals of scientific-research in psysical culture and sport.
  • Types of scientific and methodical work. Current areas of research in psysical culture and sport.
  • Pedagogical research as a means of scientific knowledge.
  • Methodological foundations of pedagogical research in psysical culture and sport.
  • Planning research.
  • General characteristics of pedagogical research methods.
  • Course and diploma works: methods of preparation and design.
  • Legislative and regulatory support and management in the field of physical culture and sport

  • General characteristics of management.
  • Basic concepts of state, legal phenomena.
  • Conditions of prerequisite management.
  • Risk management in organizations.
  • Modern management, goals, objectives and fundamental provisions.
  • Training managers as the best preparation of society to solve problems of the future.
  • The system of bodies of management of physical culture and sport.
  • Functions, principles and methods of management.
  • Financing physical culture and sport.
  • Management of physical culture and sport abroad.
  • Theory and methods of sport

  • General characteristics of the sport.
  • An introductory characteristic of sports training.
  • Patterns and principles of sports training.
  • Technical and tactical training in sports training.
  • Physical, functional and mental training in sports training.
  • Construction of training sessions in sports training.
  • Building a workout in small cycles (micro cycles).
  • Building a workout in medium cycles (mesocycles).
  • Building a workout in large cycles (macro cycles).
  • Sports training as a multi-year process and its structure.
  • Sports training as a multi-year process and its structure.
  • Selection and orientation in sports.

  • What kind of work can you do:

    Graduates of the magistrature in the specialty 7M01403 - "Physical culture and sport" work as physical education teachers in general education organizations; coaches by sport in sports schools, sports clubs; managers in organizations of physical culture and sports management, methodologists, instructors in fitness centers, in the field of recreational and rehabilitation and recreational physical culture. They can do: - educational activities in the process of physical education in preschool, secondary schools and various organizations that use physical culture and mass sports to improve the physical, mental and functional state of a person, to promote health; - research activities in the field of physical culture and sports in general educational and scientific laboratories, institutions, children's sports schools, clubs for recreation and rehabilitation of athletes and people involved in physical culture; - organizational and management activities in the educational structures of school education, colleges, secondary vocational education institutions, in groups of physical culture, children's and youth sports schools and sports clubs; administrative work in state-management structures for physical culture; - coaching activities with the aim of practical implementation of the highest achievements in mass and professional sports by means of physical culture.

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