«Basic military training»

Basic military training - currently one of the socially demanded, interesting and well-paid fields of activity, involves training of highly qualified specialists who contribute to the development of military-patriotic education of young people and a healthy lifestyle. Forms the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary in professional activities; ecological, physical, aesthetic, legal cultures and also forms human and social-personal values. You will receive the skills of teaching basic military training in educational institutions, for working in law enforcement agencies.

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Key disciplines that you will study:

Theory and methods of teaching Basic military training

  • Theoretical foundations, forms and methods of conducting classes in the block of military disciplines.
  • Studying and mastering the basics of pedagogical skills, modern innovative technologies in education, drawing up plans and notes for conducting classes.
  • Tactical and technical characteristics of modern military robotics, information on modern weapons of armored vehicles, which are in service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and teaching methods.
  • Legislative basis for teaching BMT at school, familiarization with orders, directives and other governing regulations of the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Methods of pedagogical research in basic military training

  • Methodology of pedagogical research.
  • The essence of military pedagogical research.
  • Theoretical and empirical methods of pedagogical research.
  • Pedagogical experiment on the lessons of basic military training.
  • Actual problems of patriotic education of youth

  • Methodology of military-patriotic education.
  • Military-patriotic education of young people in the studies for basic military training.
  • Tasks and problems of further improving the military-patriotic education of young people and ways to increase their effectiveness. Innovative direction of development of the Basic military training system
  • Basics of the concept and essence of modern learning technologies.
  • Modern technologies of education in the system of higher professional education.
  • The main qualities of modern educational technologies and their classification.
  • Innovative learning technologies._

  • What kind of work can you do:

    Graduates of the magistrature in the specialty 7М014 - Basic military training can work as teachers-organizers of basic military training, organizers of civil defense and life safety services, instructors in security services, in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the internal miliratry forces and the border army, NSC and the Ministry of Interior sergeants and officers. During the period of mobilization activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a graduate may hold primary officer positions, as well as work in higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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