«Physical Culture and Spor»

Physical culture and sport is one of the socially demanded, interesting and well-paid fields of activity. If you love physical culture and sports, and want to devote your life to this activity, and become a professional in this field - welcome to the training program in the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports”. You will acquire the skills of teaching physical education in educational institutions, for working as a coach in your chosen sport, as an instructor in fitness, performing administrative work in state-administrative structures in physical culture as a methodologist, instructor in Physical Culture. You will have ample opportunities to master and improve your sports and pedagogical skills.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Theory and methods of physical culture

  • The original concepts of the subject. Research Methods in Physical Education and Sport. Social functions and forms of physical culture.
  • Means and methods of physical education. Principles of physical education.
  • Basics of learning motor actions.
  • Fundamentals of methods of education of physical qualities.
  • Planning and control in physical education. Forms of building exercise.
  • Basics of physical education of children of early, preschool and school age.
  • Construction and methods of conducting physical education lessons in educational institutions.
  • Physical education of students and adults.
  • Management of physical culture and sports

  • Theoretical foundations of social management.
  • State bodies of management of physical culture and sports.
  • Public authorities of physical culture and sports.
  • Sports organizations.
  • The organization of mass fitness and sports work.
  • Planning and forecasting the development of physical culture and sports.
  • Financing physical culture and sports.
  • Theory and methods of teaching basic sports (according to the school curriculum)

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Outdoor games
  • National Sports
  • Wrestling
  • Theory and methods of youth and professional sports

  • The system of sports training in youth and professional sports
  • Sports selection and identification of athletic ability and talent.
  • Education and training of a young athlete.
  • Age periodization of training loads.
  • The main sections (sides) of the athlete training
  • Training an athlete as a multi-year process.
  • Management, planning and control in the athlete training system

  • Who can you work as?

    Graduates of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sport" work as physical education teachers in general education organizations; trainers in sports schools, depending on the sport, sports clubs; managers in organizations managing physical culture and sports, methodologists, instructors in fitness centers, in the field of rehabilitation and recreational physical culture. They can do:
    - educational activities in the process of physical education in preschool, secondary schools and various organizations that use physical culture and mass sports to improve the physical, mental and functional state of a person, to promote health;
    - research activities in the field of physical culture and sports in general educational and scientific laboratories, institutions, children's sports schools, clubs for recreation and rehabilitation of athletes and people involved in physical culture;
    - organizational and management activities in the educational structures of school education, colleges, secondary vocational education institutions, in groups of physical culture, children's and youth sports schools and sports clubs; administrative work in state-management structures for physical culture;
    - coaching activities with the aim of practical implementation of the highest achievements in mass and professional sports by means of physical culture.

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