7М07110401 – “Transport, transport equipment and technology”

This educational program is designed to prepare Masters of industry-specific and scientific-pedagogical direction. It is based on competences and experience in the field of transport engineering. Having mastered it, you will receive in-depth knowledge in the new directions of the transport industry, conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of transport operation.

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What you learn: key disciplines

Methods for evaluating and testing vehicles

  • The design of vehicles and the conditions for their effective use are being studied
  • The basics of theories of traction, friction, oscillation, working environment and transmission theories are considered
  • Transport vehicles and methods of traction and operational calculations of installations are being studied
  • Operation and maintenance of transport equipment

  • Formation of the theoretical basis for the operation of transport equipment
  • Analyzing the strategy and methods for maintaining the efficiency of transport equipment, determining the operational standard of transport equipment
  • Investigation of patterns of working performance and throughput of service facilities
  • Leading technologies for the maintenance of transport equipment
  • Reliability of transport equipment

  • Considers measures to ensure the functioning of vehicles, depending on the circumstances of their use.
  • Describes how to maintain the technical condition of vehicles at the functionability level in production and in practice
  • Digitization of the transport industry

  • Studying digital provisioning of the transport industry.
  • Methods of simulation modeling of transport processes during maintenance and repair of transport equipment are given.
  • Outlines the features of the automatic lines design with robots and manipulators

  • You can work:

    Graduates who have mastered this educational program can work as:
    - researcher;
    - the designer;
    - mechanic;
    - head of the site;
    - repair engineer;
    - head of governing bodies of industrial enterprises;
    - researcher and teacher in organizations of higher, technical and vocational education

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