7M07110001 – Devices and methods of quality control and diagnostics

Devices and methods of quality control and diagnostics - the field of technology, which includes a set of tools, methods and methods for creating and applying devices and systems designed to obtain information about the quality and physical properties of materials, semi-finished products and finished products and to diagnose their performance, reliability and durability . These are also devices, systems and complexes associated with the use of non-destructive physical methods for monitoring materials and products used in various fields of production, the processes of their development, production and operation, the development and technology aimed at developing a theory, creating and using devices and systems intended for obtaining, recording and processing information about the environment, biological and technical objects

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What you learn: key disciplines

Information technology in instrument making

  • creation of modern information-measuring complexes;
  • development and manufacture of test and measuring equipment;
  • automation of scientific research, data collection and processing
  • Instruments and methods for non-destructive testing and diagnostics

  • development and creation of technical diagnostics systems,
  • the use of non-destructive testing,
  • analysis of the results of monitoring and diagnosis,
  • physical methods of monitoring and diagnostics using information technology
  • Automated design of devices and systems

  • modern design technologies based on the use of 3D models,
  • computer-aided design in SolidWorks and КOMPAS,
  • calculation of the parameters of individual components and components of devices and systems
  • Laser measurement technology

  • laser systems
  • methods and controls for laser radiation,
  • lasermeasuring systems

  • You can work:

    The field of professional activity of graduates is the development, creation and use of devices and systems for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics at industrial enterprises of the mining and processing industry and energy; development and application of methods and algorithms for processing and analysis of control results. Graduates will be able to engage in design, production, research and organizational and management activities in their professional field.

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