7M07109901 "Electronics of communication systems and telecommunication technologies"

Electronics communication systems and telecommunications technology is an industry that is part of the field of science and technology, which includes a set of physical principles, methods and tools aimed at researching, building and operating systems, complexes and devices designed to transmit, receive and process information about the physical-technical objects.Master in the direction of "Electronics of communication systems and telecommunication technologies" has the ability to select methods and means of solving the formulated problems; models objects and processes in electronic and telecommunication devices in order to analyze and optimize their parameters using the available research tools, including standard application packages; develops experimental research programs, selects technical tools and processes the results

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What you learn: key disciplines

Theory of creating infocommunication networks and systems

  • Principles of creating infocommunication networks and systems
  • Research methods of infocommunications
  • Mobile networks
  • Integration and convergence processes. Next Generation Networks
  • Synchronization in digital data transmission systems
  • Microelectronics and nanoelectronics basics

  • Research of materials for functional elements and interconnections of micro and nanoelectronics devices.
  • Development and research of microelectronic and nanoelectronic structures based on active materials.
  • Research and development of radio frequency identifiers of various frequency bands based on micro and nanoelectronic microcircuits
  • Optical communication systems and information processing

  • Features of the optical range of information transmission
  • Waveguide optical signal transmission systems
  • Propagation of radiation in optical fibers
  • Optoelectronic components of fiber-optic information transmission systems
  • Circuit design of communication devices

  • Circuitry amplification devices.
  • Methods of automation circuit design of electronic devices.
  • Basic circuits of analog, digital, analog-digital, digital-analog devices on electronic devices and integrated circuits.

  • You can work:

    The sphere of professional activity of graduates in the educational program Electronics of Communication Systems and Telecommunications Technologies are the fields of science and technology, including research, development, creation and operation of new materials, technologies, devices and devices. Graduates can occupy the positions of engineer, process engineer, design engineer, researcher at the enterprises of the electronics industry, defense industry, communications and telecommunications organizations, scientific and industrial and industrial organizations.

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