7М05309001 "Physics" (natural science)

Physicist - a specialist with comprehensive and high-quality fundamental and professional training; qualified, competitive specialist in the field of pedagogy and educational technologies.

Admissions Consultation

What you learn: key disciplines

  • Development and commercialization of nanotechnology. The study of the depths of space and the mystery of the microworld. The use of modern laser systems in technology and medicine

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the specialty have a broad outlook, your knowledge, skills, analysis and logic can be applied in any field of activity:
    - Conduct research on physical problems;
    - To carry out planning, organization and management in research, production and teaching activities;
    - Develop, implement and monitor the state of the production process

    Our address:

    Karaganda, Universitetskaya street 28, building №2
    tel.: 8 (7212) 35-64-50 (внут. 1108, 1019)
    e-mail: physics@ksu.kz