7М05309002 «Technical physics»

Technical physics is part of the field of science and technology, which includes a set of physical principles, methods and tools aimed at the study, creation and operation of systems, complexes and devices designed to transmit, receive and process information about the environment, natural and technical objects Master in the field of "Technical Physics" has the ability to select methods and means of solving the formulated problems; models objects and processes in radio devices with the purpose of analyzing and optimizing their parameters using the available research tools, including standard application packages; develops experimental research programs, selects technical tools and processes the results

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What you learn: key disciplines

Physical fundamentals of optoelectronics

  • Apply the mathematical foundations of field theory.
  • Physical principles of optoelectronic emitters and photodetectors.
  • Basic physical parameters of volumetric transparent media.
  • Emitters, photo detectors, optocouplers and other optoelectronic devices, based on the physical (production) task
  • Energy saving technologies in power supply

  • Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on energy saving.
  • The main directions of public policy and basic principles in the field of energy conservation, the basics of energy conservation.
  • Techniques for identifying and introducing new energy-efficient technologies in various sectors of the national economy, as well as non-traditional and environmentally friendly energy sources
  • Computer simulation of physical processes using MathCAD

  • Simulation of various physical processes using modern programming tools.
  • Theoretical foundations of numerical methods for solving differential equations.
  • Possess programming and numerical modeling skills
  • Basics of telecommunications

  • Basics of telecommunications, owns the basic principles of building block diagrams of telecommunication systems.
  • Fundamentals of construction principles and features of multi-channel systems; basic concepts of digital networks with the integration of services and intelligent networks.
  • To be able to analyze the general structure of construction and characteristics of devices and systems of analog and digital information processing.

  • You can work:

    The sphere of professional activity of graduates in the educational program of Technical Physics is the field of science and technology, including research, development, creation and operation of new materials, technologies, devices and devices. Graduates can hold positions of engineer, process engineer, design engineer, researcher, at enterprises of the electronics industry, industrial energy, defense industry, communications and telecommunications organizations, research and production and production organizations

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