7M01400801 «Vocational training»

Specialty cipher "7M01407 - Vocational training" The education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan is a continuous process of education and training, aimed at ensuring a high level of moral, intellectual, cultural development and professional competence of members of society. If you wish to become a participant in the educational process on the formation and development of the younger generation, welcome to the training program for scientific and pedagogical personnel for the vocational education system. You will acquire the skills of management, research, design and production and technological activities, organization of the pedagogical process in the system of vocational education.

Admissions Consultation

What you learn: key disciplines

Organization of technical and vocational education

  • Be able to: operate with the concepts of technical and vocational education;
  • Know: the necessary conditions for the organization of quality vocational education;
  • Have skills: developing educational programs for technical and vocational education;
  • To be competent: in matters of introducing new technologies for teaching the system of technical and vocational education
  • Organization of project training

  • To be able to: think systemically, manage projects.
  • Know: the basic concepts and essence of the fundamental pedagogical theories in the organization of project-based learning.
  • Have the skills of interdisciplinary communication, work with people, artistic creativity.
  • To be competent: when managing projects, when working in conditions of uncertainty.
  • Regulatory support of vocational education

  • To be able to: assess the quality of educational programs implemented on the basis of current regulatory legal acts;
  • Know: basic legislation and regulations in the field of education;
  • Have skills: solving the tasks of organizing educational and scientific activities of educational institutions.
  • To be competent: in matters of public policy and law in the field of vocational education.
  • Methods of vocational education in higher education

  • To be able to: organize the pedagogical process in the system of higher education;
  • To know: methodology and methods of teaching in the system of higher education;
  • Have the skills of conducting studies according to the credit technology of education;
  • Being competent: modeling the educational process in higher education

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the educational program can work in the system of secondary general, technical and vocational, higher education, as a general development teacher with subject specialization, college teacher, industrial education master, university teacher, manager in education.

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