8D05309002 "Thermophysics and theoretical heat engineering"

Thermophysics and theoretical heat engineering - scientific specialty, which combines the study of thermophysical properties of substances, thermodynamic processes, heat and mass transfer processes in continuous and sparse, homogeneous and heterogeneous media. Experimental and theoretical studies in Thermophysics and theoretical heat engineering are aimed at establishing relationships between the structure of substances and their phenomenological properties, substantiation of methods for calculating thermodynamic and transport properties in various aggregate States, identification of mechanisms of mass, momentum and energy transfer by convection, radiation, and complex heat transfer and physico-chemical transformations, justification and approbation of methods for intensifying heat and mass transfer and thermal protection

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What you learn: key disciplines

  • Physics and technology energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Bases of the theory of uncertainty of measurements
  • The main problems of modern hydro-gas dynamics
  • Selected chapters of discharge pulse technologies

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the specialty can work at the thermal power plant (thermal power plant), in the Central Thermal point (TSC) of The city or village, in the Department of energy supply of a separate company or firm, in design and research institutes, in the shops of drinking and industrial water, in thermal inspections for environmental protection, in plants for the production of boiler, turbine and auxiliary equipment of thermal power plants and boilers.

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