«Specialty "6В05304-Physics"

Physics is the field of natural science: the science of the most general laws of nature, of matter, its structure and movement. The laws of physics are the basis of all natural science. Physics is one of the most important components of production in the industrial revolution. If you want to become a leader in the world of high technologies, to grasp the power of reason - welcome to the Educational Program "PHYSICS".

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What you learn: key disciplines

  • Basics of Creation
  • Development and commercialization of nanotechnology.
  • The study of the depths of space and modern laser systems

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the specialty have a broad outlook, your knowledge, skills, analysis and logic can be applied in any field of activity:
    - Conduct research on physical problems;
    - To carry out planning, organization and management in research, production and teaching activities;
    - Develop, implement and monitor the state of the production process.

    Our address:

    Karaganda, Universitetskaya street 28, building №2
    tel.: 8 (7212) 35-64-50 (внут. 1108, 1019)
    e-mail: physics@ksu.kz