6B01407 "Vocational training"

Vocational training, which provides for the training of specialists of a wide profile: designing, modeling of garments; car and automotive industry, decorative and applied arts, artistic work. You will receive skills in the manual and machining of metals, wood and welding and procurement area; sewing business; on the technology of construction materials and automotive; on decorative applied art.

Admissions Consultation

What you learn: key disciplines

Professionally oriented

  • Organization of research activities. Fundamentals of scientific research in the system of technical and vocational education.
  • Organization of industrial training.
  • IT-technologies in education. Digital educational resources.
  • Methodological and technological

  • Industrial aesthetics.
  • Modern technologies in vocational training.
  • Pedagogical skills.
  • Technological

  • Arts and crafts. Design and technology.
  • Traffic management and traffic management. Transport engines.
  • Designing and modeling of garments.
  • Technology art work

  • Methods of artistic work. Technology learning visual art.
  • Academic drawing. Classic drawing.
  • Academic painting. Classic painting.
  • Culture at home. Nutrition Culture.

  • You can work:

    Received education provides ample opportunities for activities as: a teacher of general technical disciplines of a special technology in a complex of working professions in general education and vocational schools, colleges, lyceums; art teachers in general education schools; masters of industrial training in the system of higher and secondary vocational education; engineer in research institutions and design offices and industrial enterprises.

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