6В07105 - Transport, transport equipment and technology

Currently, the profession of bachelor of transport equipment and technology is in demand, as experts in the field of design and operation of transport equipment are required, as in machine-building enterprises, and in transport organizations. If you want to become a competent engineering and technical worker - welcome to the training program for specialists in transport equipment and a wide range of technologies. You will get skills in solving complex tasks related to the design, operation and repair of transport equipment and will learn how to independently analyze the causes of disruption of technological processes in the transport industry and develop measures to prevent them.

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What you learn: key disciplines:

Fundamentals of technical operation of transport equipment

  • Basics of ensuring the efficiency of transport equipment.
  • Methods for determining the standards of technical operation of transport equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair of transport equipment. Structures and resources of the engineering service. Quality management and maintenance of transport equipment.
  • Information support for the health and diagnostics of transport equipment
  • Fundamentals of production technology and repair of transport equipment

  • Production technology of transport equipment. Technological processes of processing parts.
  • Methods of fault detection. Wear parts and types of vehicle repair.
  • Methods for assessing the technical condition of parts during car repairs.
  • Technological process of auto repair. Ways to restore machine parts.
  • Technology assembly processes in the repair of transport.
  • Design of the enterprises of the motor transport

  • Structure and composition of production and technical base of the transport complex
  • Types of road transport enterprises. The order of development of the project of the enterprise. Methods of designing and reconstruction of ATP.
  • Technological design of ATP and service station.
  • Reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the production and technical base of the transport complex.
  • Optimization of the transport enterprise

  • The main directions of development of the transport enterprise.
  • Initiatives aimed at increasing the income of the transport sector.
  • The practice of using technology "lean production" in the transport sector.
  • Improving the efficiency of use of fixed assets.
  • Organizational development of the transport enterprise.

  • You can work:

    ВGraduates of the specialty can work:
    - specialists at machine-building factories producing machinery and equipment, enterprises and organizations that operate and repair transport equipment;
    - Specialists in state inspections of transport control, transport management services;
    - specialists at enterprises and in organizations of public and departmental transport, car services;
    - specialists in design, design and technological organizations (institutes, companies) of transport;
    - experts on the purchase of foreign technology in the Chambers of Commerce.

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