6В07103- Heat power engineering

Thermal power engineering is a special field of human activity that involves the transfer of heat into electrical and mechanical energy, which usually occurs at thermal power plants, and vice versa: the conversion of other types of energy into heat. The heat power engineer is responsible for the stable provision of various kinds of energy of a city, village or individual organization or a private company that requires control of heating, ventilation, plumbing and sewage systems, as well as air conditioning systems, furnaces, drying and refrigeration equipment ovok

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Boiler installations and steam generators

  • Technological scheme of a steam boiler. Combined power installations.
  • Technical characteristics of fuels and the efficiency of their use in the boiler.
  • General questions of the theory of combustion.
  • Combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Burning of pulverized coal torch in steam generator furnaces.
  • Heat transfer in boiler units.
  • Thermal calculation and arrangement of steam boilers.
  • Design of steam boilers. Energy steam boilers
  • Superchargers and heat engines

  • Superchargers.
  • Heat engines.
  • Theory and design of turbomachines.
  • Multistage steam turbines.
  • Gas turbine and steam-gas installations.
  • Turbine installations of thermal power stations

  • Thermal cycles of turbine installations.
  • Steam flow in turbine grids,
  • turbine stage, relative internal stage efficiency.
  • Multistage steam turbines.
  • Turbine operation in variable mode
  • Heat and heat networks

  • General information and concepts of district heating and heat supply.
  • Energy efficiency of heating.
  • Heat consumption.
  • Heat supply systems.
  • Energy characteristics of gas turbine heat generation plants.
  • Energy characteristics of combined-cycle heat and power plants.
  • Hydraulic calculation of heat networks.
  • Thermal calculation of heat networks

  • You can work

    heat and power enterprises (TPP, TPP), industrial enterprises (boiler stations, heating networks), as well as all types of industrial enterprises servicing heating, ventilation, hot water supply and process steam supply

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