Specialty 6В06201 "Radio engineering electronics and telecommunications"

Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications are the most demanded field of activity in the age of development of information and communication technologies. If you want to become a professional in the world of telecommunications - welcome to the program of training specialists of a wide profile. You will learn how to develop and implement optimal technologies for the manufacture of telecommunications equipment, get skills in installing and adjusting multichannel telecommunication systems and technical means of radio telecommunications systems, and learn how to properly operate telecommunication systems, their technical, informational, mathematical and software.

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What you learn: key disciplines

Telecommunications Theory

  • Methods of forming and converting signals in communication channels.
  • Information theory-based messaging.
  • Theoretical and information bases of information security.
  • Principles of multi-channel communication and information distribution.
  • Digital communication technology

  • Principles and methods of transmitting digital signals.
  • Scientific background and state-of-the-art digital communication technology
  • Data transfer devices and their functioning tasks.
  • Signal coding methods.
  • Information security in telecommunication systems

  • Technologies for diagnosing hazards and threats to information systems.
  • Methods of working with information security models.
  • Technologies of password protection, authentication, access control.
  • The use of firewalls and the identification of weaknesses in information systems to eliminate them.
  • Fundamentals of radio engineering and telecommunications

  • Fundamentals of radio systems.
  • Basics of radio transmitters and receivers.
  • Basics of antenna-feeder technology.
  • Principles of building telecommunication networks.
  • Main methods of information distribution in telecommunication networks.

  • You can work:

    Graduates of the specialty work as engineers in telecommunications networks and multichannel telecommunication systems (including mobile communications), radio-television center specialists, electronic equipment commissioning engineers, research engineers in research institutes, design bureaus, laboratories, computer programmer’s engineers and computer centers.

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