«Russian language and literature»

Master's program "Russian language and literature" is aimed to educate specialists in the field of Russian language and literature for teaching philological disciplines in secondary, secondary special and higher educational institutions. Specialist in the field of Russian language and literature is always in demand in the labor market. Russian language, being the language of international communication, has a high communicative rating and a wide range of applications in various social, scientific and professional fields.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Actual problems of linguistics

  • Modern concepts of linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Applied linguistics,
  • Communication theory
  • The literary text and the art world

  • External and internal composition of the text
  • Chronotopic organization of the text
  • Artistic world as a second reality
  • Author's picture of the world in a work of art
  • Teaching methods in higher education

  • Methods and techniques in organization of modern Russian language and literature lessons
  • Innovative technologies in the organization of the educational process in the University
  • Strategic ideas of modernization of Kazakhstan education and their practical implementation in the teaching of philological disciplines
  • Technology of modular language learning
  • Aesthetic doctrines of 19-20 centuries

  • Aesthetics as the science of beauty.
  • Categories of aesthetics. Literary method and its aesthetic basis
  • Aesthetics of classicism. The aesthetics of romanticism.
  • Aesthetics of realism.
  • Aesthetics of modernism
  • Aesthetics of socialist realism
  • Aesthetics of postmodernism

  • Who you will be able to work:

    graduates of the specialty work as teachers of Russian language and literature in secondary schools, secondary vocational educational institutions, schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges; they can manage language centers, educational institutions, state and non-state structures of various levels.

    Our adress:

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    e-mail: phil_faculty@ksu.kz