Philological science is flourishing today. There are many interesting concepts, approaches to the analysis of linguistic phenomena and literary facts. If you want to be a universally educated specialist in the field of language and literature, to be able to create and edit various types of texts, from scientific to advertising, to apply your knowledge and skills in scientific, teaching, political, administrative and public career, enter the specialty «Philology».

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Actual problems of linguistics and literary studies

  • Modern concepts of linguistics and literary studies
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Applied linguistics
  • Communication theory
  • Intertextuality in modern literature
  • Language and culture

  • Controversial issues of the relationship between language and culture
  • Cultural linguistics as an independent linguistic discipline
  • National verbal images in communication
  • National values and their manifestation in the process of intercultural communication
  • The theory of the text

  • Comprehensive analysis of a literary text
  • Linguistic and literary analysis of a literary text
  • Methods and techniques of analysis of language units
  • Identification of ideological, thematic, and aesthetic content of the work of art
  • Psychology of artistic creativity

  • Main sources for studying psychology of creative literature
  • The concept of a writer’s creative laboratory
  • Memory and experience in a writer’s work
  • Psychological dimensions of the creative personality
  • Psychoanalytic concepts of creativity and creative personality

  • Who you will be able to work:

    teachers of secondary, professional, and higher educational institutions; employee of cultural institutions; office manager; museum employee; editor of publishing products; editorial staff of newspapers, magazines, radio, television; employee of education departments.

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