8D01701701-Kazakh language and literature

8D01701701 - "Kazakh language and literature" is one of the best specialties in demand in the society in accordance with the modern updated content of education. The teacher of the new society should be not only a person with high professional skills, but also spiritually developed, creative, cultural, understanding the value of education, owning pedagogical technologies, professionally trained on the basis of science and technology. Choose this program if you want to become a good specialist with the latest technologies in the field of education, and with the use of which you want to become a good specialist, improving the quality of education. You will be able to form knowledge and skills in the search for effective ways to intensify and modernize the educational process.

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What you learn: basic disciplines:

Problems of teaching and methods at the University

  • Specific educational tasks;
  • Methods and techniques of teaching the Kazakh language and literature;
  • Various forms and methods of education;
  • Laws, laws, principles of pedagogical process of educational work.
  • Debates postmodernism

  • To study new literary trends and artistic methods in Kazakh prose. The nature of postmodernism, examines the theory of it, proximity and individuality within other literary currents. The separation stages postmodernistskaya process in Kazakh literature, and their analysis. Knowledge of the features of the writer's artistic method in the knowledge of the process of transition of the phenomena of life to the artistic form in postmodernism. Give full information about the literary flow, creative method and style, literary work and creative skill.
  • Who you can work for:

    Graduates in the specialty 8D01701701-"Kazakh language and literature" can hold positions of teacher, teacher of Kazakh language and literature in universities, educational institutions of technical and vocational education. In various research institutions can work as a Junior researcher, a specialist in literary and creative organizations and cultural institutions, publishing houses, translation activities in various production and management of state bodies, in record keeping and documentation in enterprises.

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