Getting a PhD degree, you expand your professional opportunities in the field of modern Humanities and acquire universal knowledge in the field of language and literature. This will allow you not only to become a teacher of the University, but also to lead research projects, to become a coordinator of international programs in the field of Philology.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

The main scientific directions of kazakh/russian philology of the second half of XX - beginning of XXI centuries

  • Modern scientific paradigm
  • Modern concepts of linguistics and literary studies
  • Methods and techniques of macrosociolinguistics
  • Applied linguistics
  • Communication theory
  • Actual problems of language and speech stylistics

  • Semiotic isomorphism of language and culture
  • Pragmatic models of communication
  • National-cultural constants and stereotypes
  • The text and the theory of discourse

  • Models of text and discourse in the modern linguistic paradigm
  • A comprehensive analysis of a literary text
  • Linguistic and literary analysis of literary text
  • Theory of linguistic identity

  • The model of linguistic personality
  • Language personality as an object of interdisciplinary research
  • Discursive components of language personality expression

  • You will be able to work:

    Graduates of the specialty can work in higher education institutions, research institutes, heads of language centers, educational institutions, state and non-state structures of various levels.

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