Journalism is two skills: the first is the ability to think creatively and analytically, the second is the ability to present thoughts in public. Journalism reflects the public consciousness and forms it, serves society and at the same time is an instrument of social management.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Broadcast journalism

  • Work with color and digital television systems
  • Usage of methods and techniques of broadcast journalism in journalism.
  • Realization of creative factors of effective activity of a journalist in the practice of regional media.
  • The problem of effective interaction with the audience: congestion of information, informativity, awareness
  • Interviewing technology

  • Stages of preparation of journalistic interviews. Issues for discussion.
  • Technique of protection of interlocutors. Principles of communication of journalists.
  • Interview approaches, types of interviews, forms of organization of interviews, dramaturgy of interviews, preparation for an interview, completion of an interview.
  • Interviews on the air, interviews in the global network
  • Cinematography and art of video editing

  • Videocamera. Work practice with it. Camera shooting laws of composition .
  • Basics of visual material sound design. Installation in the structure of pictorial and expressive means of television broadcasting.
  • Preparation of a journalist for editing and the concept of an installation plan and installation phrase. The concept of the size of the plans, video photoscript
  • Journalistic investigation

  • Television specificity of journalistic investigation. The place of criminal news in the media.
  • Safety rules during a journalistic investigation. Presentation of results.
  • Types of news items (gossip column, sports, political, economic). Their similarities and differences.

  • What kind of work can you perform?

    This is the most diverse work not only in the field of traditional media, but also in the media as a whole, in tomorrow’s journalism - convergent or interactive, in addition it's the journalist’s elitist professionogram, the ability to make a name for yourself, the opportunity to become not only a well-known expert of the word, a public expert in various areas of society, but also a public figure, politician, businessman.

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