«Public relations»

Public relations is a management activity aimed at establishing mutually beneficial, harmonious relations between the organization and the public, on which the success of the functioning of this organization depends. Public Relations is the art of giving information correctly, making one fact more important than another, helping information to find its audience. PR tools: relations with shareholders (meetings, annual reports, corporate events and appointments); advertising (corporate publications: magazines, newspapers, newsletters); sponsorship and support of non-profit, for example, charitable organizations (participation in sponsorship projects to create awareness and create a positive attitude towards the organization of society as a whole); exhibitions (image and commercial).

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Organization of PR-projec

  • Creating a PR-project strategy, determining the target audience. Creating a general conception of a PR project.
  • PR-project budget planning. Evaluation of a developed PR project. Preparation of venue for PR project
  • Integrated work with the media. Implementation of a PR project, control of each stage. Summing up, qualitative and quantitative assessment of effectiveness.
  • Peculiarities of the media and PR services

  • Information policy of public authorities and management. Public service as an open system.
  • Information as the basis of the press services.
  • Structure and principles of organization of the modern press service. Spokesperson, functions.
  • Forms and methods of work of the modern press service with the media, the public and political organizations
  • Advertising and image problems

  • Personal and public image. The notion of a statesman. The value of the image for a statesman.
  • Toolkit iof mageology. Principles and components of the formation of the image of a statesman. National archetypes and their importance in the formation of a statesman image.
  • The concept of image technology. The main stages of the formation of the image of a statesman.
  • Professional ethics of PR specialist

  • Creation of commercial brands and their management, sales promotion of goods and services. Creating a positive image and managing it, resolving crisis situations
  • Television specificity of journalistic investigation. General professional principles.
  • Principles of relations with customers.
  • Principles of relations with the media and other professions. Attitude to the profession of public relations.

  • What kind of work can you perform?

    PR specialist, press secretary, advertising manager, coordinator and manager of PR projects; specialist in external / internal communications, crisis communications, organization of events; SMM manager, producer, image maker.

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