Mastering the unlimited wealth of your language and literature of your country and other countries.Philology today is experiencing real flourishing. Many interesting concepts, approaches to the analysis of linguistic phenomena and literary facts appear. If you want to be a high degreed specialist in the field of language and literature, to be able to create and edit various types of texts from scientific to promotional and informational, to apply your knowledge and skills in a scientific, teaching, political, administrative and public career, choose the specialty "Philology".

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Modern Kazakh language

  • Phonetics
  • Morphology and word- formation
  • Lexicology
  • Syntax
  • Literary studies

  • Oral Kazakh folk art
  • Introduction to literature
  • History of Kazakh literature
  • History of Kazakh literary Criticism
  • Modern Kazakh literature
  • Philological analysis of the literary text

  • Complex analysis of the literary text
  • Linguistic and literary analysis of literary text
  • Methods and techniques language units analysis of various levels
  • Identifying the ideologically-thematic and aesthetic content of the literary work
  • Linguistic disciplines

  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Introduction to Turkology
  • General linguistics
  • Stylistics and language culture
  • Historical grammar of Kazakh language
  • Foreign language

  • Who will you be?

    You can work as a teacher at secondary and secondary-level educational establishments; employee of cultural institutions; assistant secretary; office manager; museum employee; proofreader, editor of publishing products; an employee of newspaper editorial office, magazines, radio, television; member of education department

    Our adress:

    100028, Karaganda, building 8, dean of office 210 cab.
    tel: 8(7212)77-04-32
    e-mail: phil_faculty@ksu.kz