7М02305901 «Foreign philology»

Preparation of Humanities masters in the educational program 7М02305901 «Foreign philology is based on a comprehensive fundamental theoretical training, in-depth methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge of undergraduates on the modern foreign language methodology basic scientific concepts, the theory of foreign Philology and active research activities. The proposed educational program is based on the national model of education, result-oriented and involves the training of a specialist’s new formation who owns multicultural and communication abilities, who is able to solve socially significant problems in the field of foreign language education and foreign philology creatively and professionally. The purpose of the educational program 7М0230 "Languages and literature" is to train highly qualified researchers-philologists, teachers of the University, who owns the productive technology in the context of cognitive-linguistic-cultural methodology of foreign language education and foreign language philology.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Professional foreign terminology in linguistics and literature studies

  • Being aware of foreign language professional and academic discourse
  • Technologies of using a foreign language as a means of communication at the professional and intercultural level
  • Oral and written foreign language communication, both for professional career and for international scientific activity
  • Terminology in a foreign language in the educational process, including research, teaching and practical professional activities
  • Modern methodology of foreign philology learning

  • Modern linguistic theories related to the leading paradigms of scientific knowledge developed within the framework of modern Russian and world linguistics
  • Methodology of linguistic research (dialectical method, General scientific methods, General philological methods, private methods);
  • Comparative analysis of the proposed points of view and approaches
  • Linguistics in high school

  • Principles of future specialist’s modeling professional competencies in the field of foreign language training for professional communication, being aware of the Bologna process parameters, the basics of pedagogical psychology, the theory of trilingual education, the basics of management in the field of foreign language education
  • Knowledge for the research preparation and conduction, implementation of pedagogical activities, solving professional and pedagogical tasks
  • Basic concepts of pedagogical modeling and pedagogical psychology, management and the basics of a second foreign language in the profession
  • Skills in the use of module subjects scientific conceptual apparatus, the practical use of simulation methods, professional competencies modeling’s algorithms development; the selection of approaches, principles and contents, professional competencies modeling methods;
  • Educational and scientific literature abstracting, annotating, reviewing skills
  • Interpretation of various scientific concepts; independent work with scientific literature (search, abstracting)
  • Innovation in linguistics and literature studies

  • Modern trends of linguistic and literature studies, world science and educational system achievements, new technologies of linguistic research, educational innovations, linguistics and literature studies categorical and conceptual modern directions’ apparatus
  • Principles, methods and techniques of linguistic text analysis
  • Modern achievements of science and advanced technology in scientific research
  • Theoretical concepts and actual data, comparison, generalization, scientifically based use of theoretical provisions for solving practical problems
  • Skills of conducting research at a qualitatively new level with greater speed of experimental data processing through the usage of information and computer technologies; scientific world space orientation of information flows.

  • Who can you work for?

    Masters in foreign languages have a high chance of a successful career and a high level of income.

    What kind of work can you occupy?
    + researcher-philologist
    + editor
    + publisher
    + translator
    + teacher of languages and literature

    Where can You work?
    + educational, cultural and scientific institutions of all levels and types;
    + diplomatic institutions
    + Media (print, radio, TV),
    + advertising agency,
    + public and private enterprises,
    + new activities that require professional skills in working with different types of texts in a foreign language

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