7М01701901 «Foreign language: two foreign languages»

Having a good level of foreign languages is one of the essential conditions for successful adaptation in the social space. Nowadays knowledge of oversea languages is one of the most crucial components of professional competence. If your aim is to become a qualified specialist and get a full education, become a competent specialist in the field of foreign language training – welcome to the training program «Foreign language: two foreign languages». KarSU named after E. A. Buketov occupies a leading place in the field of postgraduate education and attracts students from all over Kazakhstan with quality education focused on the latest achievements of science, education and technology.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Digitalization of foreign language education

  • study of the typology, structure and features of the organization of information educational resources in a foreign language;
  • familiarization with the state of the art of software tools suitable for the development of open educational resources and their components (modules) in a foreign language;
  • development of skills to use modern information technologies, diagnostics and evaluation of the quality of the educational process
  • Modeling professional competencies of the future specialist

  • use of the results of mastering fundamental and applied disciplines;
  • consideration of approaches, principles, content, methods of modeling professional competencies;
  • analysis and evaluation of linguodidactic provision of foreign language education;- learning the basics of modeling in pedagogical research
  • Language education management

  • shaping and expanding knowledge and competences in the field of language education in the context of modernization of the system of general and vocational education;
  • acquisition of the basics of innovative educational management, educational marketing;
  • development of skills for designing educational systems
  • Academic foreign language (English, German, French)

  • formation of skills of analysis, synthesis, synthesis and critical understanding of information;
  • training in various reading strategies, mainly viewing and search on the material of texts of different sizes and genre affiliation;
  • development of skills for perception of oral speech in general scientific topics on the material of listening to lectures;
  • teaching lecture notes techniques (using common abbreviations, diagrams, flowcharts, layout of notes on a sheet);
  • formation of basic skills of public speech in the format of an academic presentation

  • What kind of work can you occupy?

    Graduates of the specialty can work in the field of higher and postgraduate education in order to organize the educational process on the theoretical and methodological blocks in the field of foreign language training, as well as on the basic foreign language, they are engaged in scientific,pedagogical and research activities.

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