8D01701901 «Foreign language: two foreign languages»

Having a good level of foreign languages is one of the essential conditions for successful adaptation in the social space. Nowadays knowledge of oversea languages is one of the most crucial components of professional competence. If your aim is to become a qualified specialist for the development of economy, industry and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and get a full education, become a competent specialist in the field of foreign language training, participate in academic mobility, scientific internships and international conferences – welcome to the training program «Foreign language: two foreign languages».

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Research in the field of foreign language education: theory and practice

  • Knowledge and understanding of scientific research’s peculiarities in the field of foreign language training and application methods of the acquired knowledge in the process of teaching and research activities, as well as the features of the research activities’ organization in the sphere of education in universities of Kazakhstan;
  • Ability to use scientific and pedagogical knowledge for effective orientation in the professional activity, along with ability to apply methods and criteria of the scientific researches’ efficiency assessment
  • Modeling in scientific research

  • Knowledge of the modeling process’s essence as a process of construction, studying and application of research models;
  • Being aware of categories as abstraction, analogy, hypothesis and so on;
  • Skills of abstraction, reasoning by analogy, construction of scientific hypotheses;
  • Being aware of models’ classification, to be skillful in transfering the modelling process into foreign language research
  • Acmeology of professional education

  • Knowledge and understanding the current state of professional education’s acmeology;
  • Being aware of acmeological research methods and the essence of acmeological approach as a methodological basis of modern pedagogy;
  • The use of acmeological technologies in teaching, as well as improving the communicative competence of the teacher
  • Cognitive methods of language categories' research

  • Knowledge and understanding the categorical and conceptual structure of modern cognitive trends, as well as historical and modern trends in the development of the studying language;
  • Application of the cognitive research’s main methods, free operation of the studying discipline’s glossary;
  • Possession of linguocognitive and linguocultural competences;
  • Possession of cultural, professional and intercultural competences of the foreign language training specialist

  • The spheres of employment:

    Graduates of the specialty can carry out pedagogical activity in the field of higher and postgraduate education, engage in the organization of the educational process on the theoretical and methodological blocks in the field of foreign language training, as well as engage in scientific, pedagogical and research activities

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