6В01704 Russian language for foreign students

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Russian language in the context of intercultural communication

  • Knowledge and understanding of the basics of the Russian language, the role of the Russian language in the process of intercultural communication, rules and styles of intercultural communication and aspects of intercultural integration;
  • The ability to use the Russian language as a means of intercultural communication, possession of all types of speech activities that implement oral and written forms in intercultural communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing).
  • Russian language for special purposes (level C1)

  • Proficiency in Russian in accordance with the requirements of the international standard (level C1), for academic (general professional) and for special purposes, as a means of intercultural communication;
  • Understanding of verbal and non-verbal forms of academic communication, various genres of academic reading in Russian;
  • Knowledge of the features, forms of retelling, analysis and argumentation on the structure and content of the academic text (discourse, literary and colloquial types).
  • Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language

  • Knowledge of linguistic and methodological base as the basis for future professional activity;
  • Knowledge of modern approaches to the organization of teaching Russian as a foreign language, principles, means, methods, forms of organizing the training activities of foreign students;
  • Ability to organize educational activities (planning and organizing professional pedagogical activities and students' activities in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language).
  • Professionally-oriented Russian language (C1 level)

  • Use of the studied language as a means of communication in professional activity: the ability to understand authentic texts (listening and reading) of a professionally oriented nature, to transmit information in coherent reasoned statements (speaking and writing)

  • You can work as:

    Graduates of the specialty work in pre-school educational organizations, general education and national schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, in secondary vocational schools, language courses, enterprises where foreign citizens study; in language training and translation centers, etc.

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