6В01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages (English - German / French / Chinese)

“Foreign language: two foreign languages– one of the most in-demand specialties.At the university you will gain knowledge of the theory of foreign language, multilingual and trilingual education, the current state of foreign language training in Kazakhstan, updated content of secondary education, the basics of pedagogical acmeology and innovative methods and technologies in the field of foreign language education and methods of educational work.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Basic foreign language (level В1-В2)

  • Uses a foreign language as a means of communication and masters all types of speech activities that implement oral and written forms of communication (speaking, listening, reading, writing);
  • masters all types of speech activity at the level of B1-B2;
  • Uses communicative etiquette in communication, distinguishes between cultural features of communication of the studied and native language;
  • Can graphically, punctually and grammatically correctly write, read a foreign language text, extract information from the text in the amount specified for the course
  • Management in education

  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of management in education
  • Management as a science
  • Pedagogical management as a theory and management technology of pedagogical systems. School management
  • School as a pedagogical system and object of management
  • Pedagogical stuff as an object and subject of management. Leadership and manager leadership qualities in education
  • Methods of foreign language education

  • Orients in the current state of foreign language training in Kazakhstan, in updating the content of secondary education;
  • knows the criteria of formative and summative assessment, uses them in professional activities;
  • demonstrates the correct approach in the selection of educational material, techniques, teaching aids, mode of operation for various stages and levels of foreign language teaching for the development of critical thinking of learners;
  • Formulates arguments and solves problems of a pedagogical or methodical nature
  • Сountry study of basic foreign language

  • History, geography, culture, socio-political system and trends in the development of education in the country of the target language.
  • Peculiarities of print and digital information technology.
  • Religious denominations. Holidays and significant dates in English-speaking countries

  • You can work as:

    Graduates of the specialty work as foreign languages teachers in secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, in technical and vocational schools, tutors in preschool institutions regardless of ownership, and interpreters

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