7М04107501 «Marketing»

Marketing experts are engaged in analysis of the consumer market and designing strategies to promote the products among buyers. They analyze all types of competitive products, indicate the most popular brands, study advertising projects and consumers’ opinion. The task of the marketing specialists is also analytical work, they summarize information and extracts the components of successful PR.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Marketing management

  • Theoretical basis and concept of marketing management
  • Marketing research in the marketing management system
  • Methodological basis of the analysis of the marketing environment
  • Market segmentation in marketing management
  • Analysis of consumer purchasing behavior (or customer relationship management)
  • Organization of marketing service
  • Marketing management of the company's product policy
  • Marketing-management of price policy of the enterprise
  • Marketing management of enterprise distribution system
  • Marketing management of communication policy of the enterprise
  • Planning as the main function of marketing management
  • Control and audit in marketing management
  • Marketing management at different levels (at the macro level, at the corporate level, at the micro level)
  • International marketing management
  • Organization of marketing research (in English)

  • Essence, content and organization of marketing research
  • Main directions of marketing research
  • Information in marketing research
  • Marketing research planning
  • Marketing research process
  • Identification of the object and subject of marketing research
  • Organization and ethics of marketing research
  • General methods of marketing research
  • Method of observation
  • Organization of experiments
  • Realization of interrogation
  • Sample planning
  • Classification of quantitative and qualitative research in marketing
  • Focus group methods in marketing
  • Panel studies
  • Analytical marketing system and delivery of results
  • Strategic marketing (in English)

  • The concept and content of strategic marketing
  • Forecasting need and demand
  • Analysis of competition in markets
  • Competitiveness and methods of its evaluation
  • Strategic planning of marketing
  • Marketing (tool) strategies
  • Corporate strategies and matrix tools
  • Functional marketing strategies
  • Selection and implementation of strategies
  • Branding (in English)

  • Brands and Brand Management
  • Customer-Based Brand Equity and Brand Positioning
  • Brand Resonance and the Brand Value Chain
  • Choosing Brand Elements to Build Brand Equity
  • Designing Marketing Programs to Build Brand Equity
  • Integrating Marketing Communications to Build Brand Equity
  • Leveraging Secondary Brand Associations to Build Brand Equity
  • Developing a Brand Equity Measurement and Management System
  • Measuring Sources of Brand Equity: Capturing Customer Mind-Set
  • Measuring Outcomes of Brand Equity: Capturing Market Performance
  • Designing and Implementing Branding Architecture Strategies
  • Introducing and Naming New Products and Brand Extensions
  • Managing Brands Over Time
  • Managing Brands Over Geographic Boundaries and Market Segments
  • Closing Observations
  • Implementation of positioning strategy

  • Orientation in the space of opportunities in tourism
  • Tourism product market research
  • Choosing the best option for tourism activities
  • The company and the market
  • The definition of market strategies in tourism
  • Competitive advantages in tourism
  • Stages of strategic planning in tourism
  • Analysis of the product on the market
  • Analysis of competitive success
  • Advertising is the motor trade
  • The main types of advertising
  • General model of organization of consumer behavior (in English)

  • Marketing and consumer behavior
  • Consumer buying decision making process
  • Internal factors of consumer behavior
  • Factors of external influence on consumers
  • Purchasing behavior in consumer and industrial markets
  • Motivating consumer behavior
  • Modeling decision making on the purchase
  • Legal framework for the protection of the rights of consumers
  • Consumer behavior and marketing policy of the company
  • Consumer behavior on the Internet

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates of the specialty work as marketing director, director of the company, head of business structures, marketing manager, entrepreneur, professional consultant, manager, business analyst, brand manager, Internet marketer, marketing analyst, marketing economist, marketing research manager, sales manager, logistics manager, commodity manager, advertising manager, trade marketer, promoter, merchandiser.

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