7М04107401 «Finance»

Masters in Finance are engaged in planning, forecasting, regulation, management, and organization of finance, as well as their control, implementation of measures of monetary and fiscal policy at the micro and macro levels.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

Theory of Finance

  • Financial mechanism
  • Financial policy of the state
  • Budget system
  • Public finance
  • Financial management (advanced course)

  • Basic concepts of financial management
  • Corporate financial management
  • Financial planning in terms of financial management
  • Operational analysis in the financial analysis system
  • Financial risk management (advanced course)

  • Financial risk management framework
  • Features of financial risk management in the enterprise operating activities
  • Information support system for financial risk management
  • Risk management, formation and use of financial resources of the enterprise
  • Financial monitoring

  • Transactions and financial transactions subject to mandatory control
  • Customer identification, identification of suspicious transactions and operations
  • Financial monitoring and legal regulation of the use of information technology for anti-money laundering purposes

  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates of the specialty work:
    - at enterprises of all forms of ownership;
    - at financial bodies and insurance organizations, banking institutions, mortgage, leasing, factoring, brokerage, pension, investment companies;
    - at pawnshops, micro-credit organizations, credit partnerships, securities markets, insurance, financial and investment markets, money and capital markets;
    - can conduct research activities in the relevant organizations

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