«Accounting and Audit»

Accountant is one of the main figures of any company. He is always in demand and is in demand in the labor market. The profession of an accountant is the highest paid, according to the site HeadHunter.com.kz.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

International Financial Reporting Standards and Financial Accounting

  • Conceptual and methodological basis of financial reporting
  • Current assets: source of operating profit
  • Rent and leasing
  • Financial instruments
  • Forms of investment in other companies
  • Industry Financial Reporting Standards
  • Special topics of presentation of financial statements
  • Business combinations and consolidated financial statements
  • International Standards on Auditing

  • International audit standards: concept, types, objectives
  • Ethical principles of audit (ISA 200)
  • Quality control (МСА 220)
  • Purpose and general principles of audit of financial statements (ISA 200)
  • Terms of the audit agreement (IAS 210)
  • Continuous activity (ISA 570
  • International audit standards governing the use of third parties
  • Cost accounting and cost of production

  • Process cost management system.
  • Cost accounting system by type of activity
  • Regulatory Cost Accounting
  • Cost factor analysis
  • Building an effective cost management system
  • Financial analysis and financial management

  • The essence of finance and enterprise financial management system
  • Analysis of financial statements basis for making financial decisions
  • Risk and profitability: basic concepts and methods analysis.
  • Management of current assets of the enterprise
  • Management of sources of financing of the enterprise
  • Financial planning: the essence of the principles and stages
  • Standard and operational financial planning

  • Who can you work as?

    With specialized training graduates can work:
    in commercial, industrial and budgetary organizations;
    in audit and consulting companies; in state and local authorities;
    in financial and tax institutions, in banks and insurance companies;
    in service organizations, etc.
    - at scientific and pedagogical training:
    in specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, research organizations of state and non-state profile.

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