8D04107001 - ECONOMICS

PhD is a degree that implies contribution to science. You do what no one has ever done before. It is Your research that can become an important link in solving modern science issues, which cannot but motivate. A doctorate will open up new career opportunities for You. If Your research area will be interesting and promising for investment, you have every chance to put your research project on a commercial track. A PhD degree will allow You to qualify for a higher salary level. This is a good school of self-motivation and time management. Getting a PhD is the time you will spend on personal growth. You will be able to travel a lot if you present your research at scientific conferences and seminars.

Admissions Consultation

Key disciplines which you will study:

  • Modern problems of national economy development
  • Actual problems of national economy
  • Competitiveness of the national economy
  • Regional economic policy
  • Who can you work for?

    Graduates can hold positions of scientific staff of research institutes, higher educational institutions, bodies of state and local government; production and economic, social and administrative, marketing, financial and analytical services of enterprises, business structures, organizations and departments, as well as economist, specialist, analyst: in the Ministry of investment and development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan; in the Departments of economy of ministries and departments, transnational corporations and national companies; in the Departments of economy and budget planning; in the departments of economy and planning departments, departments of labor and wages of enterprises, firms, organizations; in state and commercial banks, insurance companies, customs offices, statistical agencies, etc.

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