6B04105 «Business analytics and business consulting»

Business analyst and business consultant are demanded in large enterprises of various industries - generally in the banking sector, construction, trade and mining industry and also in IT-companies and the sphere of consulting. You will gain knowledge and skills in the use of business analysis and consulting methods to study the needs of organizations in order to identify business problems and offer solutions.

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What you will learn: key disciplines:

Macro - and mesoeconomic business analytics

  • Economic security
  • Economic risks
  • National economy and economic policy
  • Regional economy
  • World economy
  • International economy
  • Microeconomic analytics and economy of business

  • Entrepreneurship and startups
  • Economics of entrepreneurship and business
  • Design thinking
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Economic analysis of the company
  • Business administration and planning of the company
  • Methodology of business analysis and business consulting

  • Business analysis and its methodology
  • Project management and project analysis
  • Business-consulting
  • Analysis of efficiency of business
  • Technologies of business analytics and consulting

  • Production analytics
  • Anti-recessionary consulting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Strategic consulting
  • International standards of business analytics
  • Engineering and reengineering of business processes
  • Modern business models
  • Technique and practice of business coaching

  • You will be able to work:

    Business analysts and business consultants in various sectors of the economy, including economic, analytical, consulting, financial, accounting services, firms, enterprises of various forms of ownership. Business consultants on investments, startups, crisis management, financial analytics, Business-coach

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