6B06102 «IT-entrepreneurship and digital economy»

Information technology is one of the most popular and highly paid spheres of activity. If you want to become leaders in the world of high technology – welcome to the training program of IT-specialists in the field of digital economy. You will gain skills in business administration of information systems, network design and learn how to independently develop and implement project analysis and software.

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Ключевые дисциплины которые вы будете изучать:

Information economy

  • International IT-business
  • Digital transformation in the global economy
  • Smart City
  • City economy
  • Electronic money and payment systems
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Multimedia and WEB-technologies in IT-entrepreneurship

  • Multimedia technologies
  • Computer graphics and modeling
  • Web-technology
  • Web application development
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile application development
  • IT-infrastructure, cybersecurity, blockchain in business processes (economic block)

  • Virtual reality market
  • World market of high technologies
  • Digital markets and E-commerce
  • Venture business
  • IT-infrastructure, cybersecurity, blockchain in business processes (IT-block)

  • IT-infrastructure of an enterprise
  • It services and content management
  • Information and cyber security
  • Blockchain technologies in business processes.

  • You will be able to work:

    Graduates of the educational program "IT-entrepreneurship and digital economy" can work in the following positions:
    - CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) IT companies, firms, organizations;
    - CIO (Chief Information Officer) IT companies, firms, organizations;
    - CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) - head of IT security Department, (Executive) Director of IT security;
    - economist-programmer in companies-software developers in high-tech industries, research organizations, as well as other enterprises that have a production need for interdisciplinary specialists;
    - system and business intelligence;
    - system architects (business architects);
    - sales managers of IT solutions and complex technical systems;
    - information technology managers (project managers);
    - information systems consultants;
    - system administration specialists, database administrators, etc.;
    - Internet marketer (SEO specialist), etc.

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