Tourism is one of the most sought-after and highly paid fields of activity. If you want to become a professional in the market of tourist services - welcome to the program of training managers in the field of tourism. You will acquire the skills of organizing and planning the tourist business, hotel and restaurant business, learn how to independently develop a tourist product, tourist route, promote services in the domestic market. This educational program is multilingual, which implies obtaining high theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of tourism in Russian, Kazakh and English.

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Key disciplines which you will study:

Organization and planning of tourist business

  • Theoretical and methodological foundations of tourism
  • Planning and technology of tourist business
  • Technology of tours organization
  • Technology of tourist product organization
  • Peculiarities of visa-registration support in tourism
  • Tour guide

  • Basic concepts of planning and organization of the hotel business
  • Organizational structure of the hotel business management
  • Organization and technology of receiving, accommodating and serving guests
  • Quality of hotel services
  • International forms of hotel business management
  • Technique and tactics of active forms of tourism

  • Methods of tactical development in active forms of tourism
  • Use of tourist equipment in active tourist travels
  • Organization and conduct of mountain and water travel of 1-2 categories of complexity
  • Organization and conduct of hiking, skiing, cycling travel of 1-2 categories of complexity
  • Medical support and catering in active forms of tourism
  • Hotel business

  • Basic concepts of planning and organization of hotel business.
  • Organizational structure of hotel business management.
  • Organization and technology of reception, placement and service of guests.
  • Quality of hotel services
  • International forms of government hotel business

  • Who can you work as?

    Graduates of the specialty work as travel company managers, hotel business managers, restaurant business managers, excursion bureau managers, tour guides, ticket booking operators, tourism instructors. They are engaged in the development and promotion of the tourist product, visa-registration formalities, book hotel rooms, air tickets, develop excursion programs and itineraries.

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