6В04112 «World economics»

International economist examines the situation and price movements in the world commodity markets. Studies various areas of professional business services, which include the protection of the economic interests of the organization in international transactions, the choice of methods and tools of foreign economic operations, the interaction of business with public authorities in the field of foreign trade, including customs control. Carries out legal regulation of international trade.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

International macroeconomics

  • Globalization and international economic integration
  • International economic organization
  • National economic security
  • Foreign economic policy
  • International investment activity
  • International monetary and financial relations
  • International microeconomics

  • Venture entrepreneurship in the world economy
  • Innovative entrepreneurship and startups
  • Economics and organization of joint ventures
  • Economics of enterprise
  • SPSS data analysis
  • Marketing research in the global economy
  • World economy and foreign economic activity

  • The Global Economy
  • International business
  • Foreign economic activity of the enterprise
  • International trade and world commodity markets
  • International business

  • Customs regulation of foreign economic activity
  • International marketing
  • International quality standards of foreign economic activity
  • Risk management of foreign economic activity
  • Project management in foreign economic activity
  • Economic analysis of foreign economic activity of the enterprise

  • You will be able to work:

    Chief (leading) economist, economist-analyst of foreign economic departments of national companies, large enterprises, banks, representative offices and branches of foreign companies, heads of foreign economic services of the enterprise

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