6В04102 «State and local government»

State and local government - for those who want to become a professional public servant, professional manager, to enter to the elite of society, to be fluent in advanced management technologies and implement government programs.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

State and regional government

  • The main stages of the evolution of management thought
  • Priority areas of state activity
  • Regulation of macroeconomic processes
  • Theoretical and methodological organizational bases of public administration
  • Theory of state government

  • Theoretical foundations of public administration
  • Objectives and functions of state government
  • Organizational and functional structure
  • Systems approach in public administration
  • Implementation of state policy in the public administration system
  • State regulation and social complex

  • Social orientation of state activity
  • Main characteristic of socially oriented model of market economy
  • State policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Economic activities of the state for social purposes
  • Creating a state convenient for the people
  • Basics of public service

  • The role and importance of public service tools in a democratic state
  • Relationship of state and local service
  • Personnel policy and personnel work in the civil service
  • Regulatory support of public service in Kazakhstan
  • Requirements for the behavior of a public servant

  • You will be able to work:

    Graduates of the specialty can work as specialists in the Staff and Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, various structural units of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in economic and financial authorities, local governments, national, state and private companies, corporations, concerns.

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