6B11202 «HR: Economics and labor safety»

Human capital management, labor economics and safety are the profession of the future. The sphere of professional activity of HR (human resources) specialist are enterprises and organizations of all sectors of the economy, including production and consumption, agriculture and utilities, military-industrial complex, state bodies. You will be qualified as an engineer-economist, able to organize effective work in the enterprise (organization) in compliance with labor laws and ensuring the requirements of safety and labor protection.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Personnel management

  • Personnel policy of the enterprise.
  • Search, selection and reception of personnel of the organization (enterprise).
  • Professional orientation, adaptation and certification of personnel of the organization (enterprise).
  • Motivation of labor activity as a function of personnel management of the organization (enterprise).
  • Determination of the number of working days, days off and sick days, vacations.
  • Accounting of employees ' work.
  • Organization and management of labor protection at the enterprise

  • Economic mechanisms of management of labour safety.
  • Protection of the person from harmful and dangerous production factors.
  • Provision of comfortable conditions for work
  • Psycho-physiological and ergonomic basis of safety.
  • Rationing and remuneration

  • A system of rules and standards on labor.
  • Working time structure: analysis and planning.
  • Optimization of labor processes and labor standards.
  • Modern methods of work.
  • Basic principles of occupational safety

  • Classification of hazardous and harmful production factors.
  • Permissible level.
  • Accident or industrial accident.
  • Hygienic assessment of working conditions

  • You will be able to work:

    Labor rationing engineer, occupational health and safety engineer, HR analyst, HR specialist, labor process analyst, labor economist, casting manager, consultant in the field of career growth, etc.

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