6B04104 «Entrepreneurship and project management»

Studying under the program "Entrepreneurship and project management", you will receive a comprehensive economic applied higher education, professional skills to work as an entrepreneur and to work in a position that requires qualification in the field of project management. You will be able to analyze business models and manage projects; create conditions that ensure sustainable business development and analyze business efficiency; manage projects in social entrepreneurship and public-private partnership; evaluate the possibilities of venture entrepreneurship and manage innovative projects.

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What you will learn: key disciplines

Business effectiveness analysis

  • Theory and practice of business development
  • Methods of assessing the effectiveness of business and choice of strategy of development
  • Marketing support of business development
  • Development and implementation of a set of anti-crisis business management measures
  • Project and project risk management in business

  • Business model design
  • Methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the project and project risks in business
  • Project analysis tools
  • Basic tools and techniques for business planning and project analysis
  • Project management in innovative entrepreneurship

  • Theory and methodology of innovative project management in entrepreneurship
  • Development of an innovative project
  • Modern information technologies for analysis and evaluation of efficiency, attractiveness and feasibility of innovative projects and business plan
  • Digital enterprise platforms and Internet entrepreneurship

  • Basic and advanced forms of online business
  • Methods of analysis of the digital economy, evaluation of the effectiveness of digital transformation
  • Modern technologies in e-Commerce and Internet entrepreneurship

  • You will be able to work:

    Entrepreneurs, business leaders, project managers, analysts in the field of development of business structures and public-private partnerships, experts in the field of investment and innovation business

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