7M01501401 «Biology»

Biology is a synthetic science that interacts very closely with such sciences as physics or chemistry. Depending on the chosen direction, future masters will study such sciences as chemistry, physics, botany, genetics, etc. Having received a master's degree in one of the fields of biology, the graduate has many opportunities to arrange his life in such a way that he can be engaged in an interesting, modern and well-paid job. Today there is a lot of biology research all over the world, so good specialists in this area are valued.

Admissions Consultation

Subjects studied by undergraduates

Since biology is often associated with the study of the most important problems of biology and related problems of medicine, students of the specialty "biology" study such disciplines as:

  • Physiology;
  • Biochemistry or molecular chemistry;
  • Biophysics and bioengineering;
  • General biology;

    In addition, undergraduates often go to various expeditions, where future masters in practice can study the problems existing in the field of biology and try to find solutions to these problems. Also pre-diploma practices of students of the Department of Biology are most often conducted on expeditions or in research institutes. In the process of learning, students perform both independent practical work and joint work.

  • Where can you work

    Today there is a very large demand for graduates in the specialty "Biology" of all its areas. Experts in this field can engage in various research activities, work in structures that protect the environment, participate in the development of various projects in their field, and, of course, engage in teaching. Finding an interesting and well-paid job for a biologist is not difficult. There is a huge amount of research in the world that needs competent specialists. In addition, knowledge of biology is necessary in the pharmaceutical industry, in the field of biochemistry, biophysics, and other popular "new" spheres of human activity. Therefore, masters of biology may not worry about employment. A good specialist will have a problem of job choice, and not a problem of her search.

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